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by anonymous
Hello all,

I would like to improve the signal for my TRB500 with a 5G/4G outdoor antenna, since I live here in the countryside.

Unfortunately I could not find in the description which antenna connectors of the 4 possibilities are for 5G and 4G.

Is there any info on this or can someone here help me which two connectors I need to connect with the outdoor antenna?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


TRB500 gateway utilizes all of its antennas, meaning there are no designated main or aux antennas. Each antenna serves a specific purpose, and it's recommended to use all of them for the best signal quality. If using all antennas is not possible, experimenting with different combinations can help determine which provides the best signal in your specific case. It's important to note that changing the location of the router may impact the signal quality, and may require adjusting the antenna configuration again to achieve a better performance.

Also, I have sent you a private message.

Kind Regards,


by anonymous
I am having the same question but a little different.

I have a 2x2 mimo antenna, should I get a 4x4 or if I connect the 2x2 I will get the same results? All 4 antenna are the same, or some connect to 4G and some to 5G (n78 band)? I have a 5G antenna very close to my house and I already have a 2x2 antenna, should I get a 4x4 or the 2x2 will suffice?

by anonymous
If you have a directional antenna then You can add a 2nd 2x2 mimo antenna (same as 1st to look and have a balance)

I started  out with this on my RUTX50 and the results are everything I hoped for as I get 5G NSA excellent signal)

I was getting 5G from 5.1km away but now after experimenting with antenna positions I am regularly connecting to a closer mast at 1.28km.
by anonymous



For the use of the 5G n78 band, all 4 antennas are definitely needed. All four are utilized for MIMO, as well as general reception.

If the device was only operating on low LTE bands, then 2x2 MIMO on the 1st and the last SMA connectors might be enough.


Best regards,