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by anonymous
issue - i do not see any AVL activity from RUTX14 neither in Traccar Manager nor in Traccar server logs.

GPS seems to work on RUTX14, i see my location displayed in map.

i have another client device (android phone) fully functioning and visible in Traccar (so, my Traccar installation must be correct) but not the RUTX14.

at first i thought maybe the problem is wrong client identificator. so i tried to change the id of my correctly working device to wrong id and i was still seeing in Traccar server logs data being received. but no activity from RUTX14.

and yes, i double checked the host and port values in the AVL config screen - they are the same as in the correctly working device.

i went to logs page in RUTX14 and only saw entries confirming that AVL config was changed/saved, but no errors related to AVL. how can i further investigate the cause of AVL data being not transmitted?


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by anonymous



The port value changes according to the protocol used. I set up Traccar on my PC, added the RUTX50, and used its IMEI as an identifier.

In the Services → GPS → AVL menu I configured the LAN IP address of my PC (server) and specified the port as 5027 as per this page.

After the RUTX50 was locked onto a satellite, the device become online in the Traccar dashboard, and the location was automatically updated.


Best regards,
Daumantas G.

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