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We are attempting to configure a RUT955 as a VPN Server using Mobile Data via Vodaphone New Zealand.  We were able to successfully and easily setup a similar system in Europe on a RUT950.

The RUT955 has a good, public-IP based connection via the Mobile WAN.  We were able to configure Dynamic DNS and get a valid public IP address via a hostname at hopto.org

However, I cannot seem to ping that address, nor can I get any connection via even relatively simple L2TP or PPTP VPN connections.  I have reset to factory defaults and tried a couple times, assuming there would be very little that needs configured to get to this level (as was the experience with the 950 here).  Is there something simple that I am forgetting to enable that will allow us to ping the 955 via its public IP address?

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By default router should answer to ICMP (pings). Perhaps your GSM provider blocking ICMP.

Can you reach router remotely using its WAN IP?
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No - that seems to be the core of the issue.  I also assumed it should work by default.  Is there an easy way to determine if it's being blocked by the GSM provider, or if the issue lies elsewhere?


You could reinstall router firmware and try again: https://wiki.teltonika.lt/view/RUT9xx_Firmware

Also, be sure that router get public IP and be sure that you have enabled remote access in System -> Administration -> Access Control.

Another way would be to test with another device/router.
OK - I dug a little deeper and I see that the IP Address assigned to the Router by the carrier is in the range 100.115.x.x.  I believed this was a 'public' address, but evidently there is a block of IP Addresses I wasn't aware of that is known as a "Carrier Grade NAT" to which this belongs.


So, that explains the issue and I learned something new today.

Thanks so much!