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by anonymous
Is it possible to access the WebUI via my devices external IP address? I am struggling to find a way to do this.


1 Answer

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by anonymous

Are you connected to the internet via a mobile operator / LTE / 4G etc. etc. or via traditional wired broadband? 

Most mobile operators make things like DynDNS impossible, in which case you'll need to pay for a VPN service with dedicated IP (such as ) or sign-up for Teltonika RMS ( ) ... I use both, and have full WebUI (and CLI) control of my routers ... any Qs hit me back.


by anonymous
Ah! Unfortunately yes, the router is connected to the internet via LTE so this may be the reason.

I am not really trying to access the router as such though. I have a SonicWALL firwall sat on the other side of it and I need to be able to access that via the external IP. I was hoping to do a combination of DynDNS and port fowarding to gain access but it sounds like that won't be possible now. Do you agree?

by anonymous

You can look into a VPN service w/ fixed IP (such as the link I gave above) then with some port forwarding etc. etc. on the router you'll probably be able to access the SonicWall WebUI remotely in a similar fashion to what you're expecting with DynDNS.

Also, the Teltonika RMS service has some VPN features built-in, but I've not used it. There might be a way to tunnel through to your SonicWall WebUI from Teltonika RMS VPN but I have no idea how / if that's possible.

Alternatively, can you admin SonicWall via ssh on your LAN? If ssh is an option, Teltonika RMS  has a Remote CLI (alongside the Remote WebUI). From the remote router CLI, you can then ssh to anything on your LAN. The reason I mention this is because Teltonika does a '10 year' RMS connection pack, for one router, for approx. EUR50 ~ish ... and you're never going to find 10 years of VPN + fixed IP that cheaply.