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due to using multi-provider SIMcard with flexible blocking of specific operators, some networks may appaear on forbidden network list (FPLMN). If we decide enable the operator, it will not be accessible to the modem as it is on FPLMN.

To prevent this situation, we created startup script (each boot of the device) containing one command to clean the list
gsmctl -A 'AT+QFPLMNCFG="Delete","all"'

Is it OK to erase FPLMN list at each device boot ? Isn't there some limit how many rewrites the mobile modem accepts?

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by anonymous


Regarding your concern about the number of rewrites, this should not be a problem. Modems are designed to withstand a large number of read and write cycles, so the AT command you're using is unlikely to cause hardware problems due to excessive read/write cycles. Hence, erasing the FPLMN list at each device boot using the AT command you provided should be fine. While this might cause some wear, it should be negligible. For more information, you can refer to the modem's documentation online, as these modems are not manufactured by Teltonika. The specific modem in your device will either be a Quectel or a Meig modem.

However, for security reasons, you might want to consider creating a more specific script that selectively removes only certain networks from the FPLMN list, instead of clearing it entirely. This would help prevent the modem from connecting to potentially undesired networks.

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