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by anonymous
I updated from 06.09.02 to 07.03.4 and I lost all connectivity to my equipments connected on Ethernets ports.

I can't understand how to make it so that I configure different IP on different port (Port 1,2,WAN : lan on, port 3: lan_p on What I used to do on legacy was to create VLAN and use the port based option. Here I don't even have the WAN port shown.

Additionally, when setting up network interfaces for the different subnet (Lan : and lan_p : I have to input physical interface and I don't know what they are referring to. Here the configuration of the Lan, with a list of all the Interface.

I kept the settings when performing the firmware update.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


The eth0.XX where XX is the VLAN ID of the configured interface.

Select the Untagged option in the column of desired LAN port in the line VLAD ID for which you want that lan port to be assigned to.

In the physical config, only select the interface eth0.99, for example, and do no enable Bridge interfaces options for it to work properly

by anonymous
Thanks you for your answer. I can assign an individual network to the ethernet port now. If I follow you that mean eth1 is the WAN ports then. I added it on physical interface under the lan.

However, I can't communicate between the two VLAN. On legacy I could make equipment on VLAN 1 ( communicate with VLAN 2 (

Both network interface are on the "lan" zone., so the firewall shouldn't block them.

Additionally, I tried setting up WIFI and selection lan_p as the attached network. It has a DHCP with a pool of 8 adresses but I can't seems to connect to it
by anonymous
Could you share the way that the firewall zones are set up?

And to which firewall zone each interface is assigned, this is to make out a full picture
by anonymous
I left the default rules.

Here is the firewall rules :

Here is the physical interfaces linked to the Lan :

Here is the physical interfaces linked to the Lan_p :

The wifi information, linked to the lan_p network :

And the VLAN configuration :

So in the current case I have the Lan 1, Lan 2 and Wan port on the network "Lan ". And I have the wifi and Lan 3 on "Lan_p" network.
by anonymous

having wifi access to the VLAN interfaces starts to be a bit more challenging as you need to create a bridge between the new WLAN and the physical VLAN ID.

Selecting the lan_p as the network for WLAN ought to be enough I think

You also added the eth1 which is the WAN interface to the LAN interface, which is not good.

by anonymous

I don't understand, when you say to create a bridge between the new WLAN and the physical VLAN ID. 

When you tell me to select the lan_p as the network for WLAN, you mean what I did here ?

And I added eth1 to Lan because I want to use the WAN port as a LAN. There was an option for that on RUTOS 6.

by anonymous
Yes, and enable the bridge on the LAN interface, as these will be 2 different logical interface working under the same umbrela wlan0-2 and eth0.2
by anonymous
I activate the bridge under the LAN interface like you said :

But it still doesn't want to connect nor any equipment on Lan can communicate with Lan_p.

Here is briefly what I am trying to achieve. With both networks being able to communicate together. I could do that using the RUTOS 6 under the VLAN page.
by anonymous
I tried downgrading to 06.09.02 to create the VLAN on the old WEBUI interface and then upgrading to RUTOS 7.

It seems to work but it is not convenient to downgrade and upgrade each time. Is there really no other way to make it work ?