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by anonymous
I notice that the router gives limited speed when I connect various devices to the wifi (4G sim card as internet provider).

In particular, I connect the wan of the router to the internet provider's industrial router, which has a fixed speed of 24mbps. Any device I connect be it via LAN or via RUT360 wifi is exactly the same as the provider.

When I remove the wan cable and connect to the internet via 4g sim, the speed goes from 40mbps via lan to below 10mbps via wifi. All the devices in the test are at a distance of half a meter, there is no wall in between, there is no other device that interferes in the space and the measurements are done in the speedtest with the same server always.

After all, if there was such a problem when internet is provided via a WAN, a decrease in speed would also be observed in this case. But in this case it doesn't.

The problem only exists when internet provided by the 4G sim card.

I am very disappointed with my purchase and I would like an answer please on what could be wrong.


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by anonymous



I'm sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the experience with our device.

It's hard to say what could be causing these issues on your device. I've replicated your setup, but have not noticed drastic differences between the speed test on the router itself, and when measuring on a mobile phone, connected via WiFi.

A few things to try could be:

  • Make sure you have selected the correct country in the Global Wireless settings (Network → Wireless);
  • Change the channel width to 40MHz. Please keep in mind, that this might cause some compatibility issues with older WiFi devices;
  • Make sure the transmit power is set to 100% in the Global settings;
  • Try enabling Software Flow Offloading in Network → Firewall → General Settings;
Best regards,
by anonymous
Thank you for your answer

I've already tried everything you suggested and any other settings I thought might play a role.

Additionally I have upgraded the modem to the latest version following the instructions from But the problem continues. Over 40mbps via lan - under 10mbps via wifi. Big difference!!

Because from what I saw on the forum other buyers have the same problem and it is not a coincidence, please try it on more devices and identify the problem.

Thank you
by anonymous



Could you clarify which firmware version you are running?

I have performed the tests on RUT36X_R_00.07.04.2 and received these results:

Wired LAN (mobile):

Wireless LAN:

While there are differences in download speeds, they are nowhere near as drastic. The device was around 2 meters from the Windows 10 laptop where the tests were performed, and the environment is very RF-polluted, thus the discrepancies in download speeds are understandable.

Perhaps you could comment on what wireless devices are used for testing?

I would also appreciate a troubleshoot file to review your configuration. It can be downloaded by navigating to System → Administration → Troubleshoot. This file can be attached to the original question and will only be visible to Teltonika moderators.


Best regards,

by anonymous
Forgive me for my slow replies, it's because of a lot of work.

We have the same firmware and my modem firmware is EG06ELAR04A20M4G, kernel 5.4.229

My wireless devices is one old laptop with windows 10, and 4 mobile phones different ages

Next days I will send you the config file via private message

Thank you for your time
by anonymous
Sure, will be awaiting the configuration.
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by anonymous
Send it

Thanks for your time
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by anonymous
New malfunction

After 30 minutes of testing of the speedtest from various devices via Wi-Fi, the internet on all devices is interrupted or malfunctions at a very low speed.

Trying to log in by putting the passwords in the router's webui ( it either refuses with the message "The device is unreachable. Please check the connection and try again." or it logs in after many attempts and several seconds for a very short time and then kicks me out.

The strange thing is that if I manage to log in and manage to log the device all this time of the problem that does not allow me to log in there is the report "Authentication was successful from HTTP" which is the IP of my computer and he wouldn't let me in.

The problem only goes away if I unplug it and plug it back in.

I bought it about a month ago. Is there a warranty through your company here in Greece? I contacted your official seller 7 days after the purchase when I found out the problems and he wouldn't accept me returning it to him.
by anonymous



Perhaps you could try performing the firmware re-flash via the bootloader procedure described here?

If the device still exhibits intermittent faults, the device should be returned to the reseller, as per the EU consumer guarantees, a two-year warranty is available for all electronic devices. As you bought from the reseller, they are responsible for returning the device to RMA, and it is not possible to do this directly.

If you wish to continue troubleshooting, I'll ask you to generate another troubleshoot file once the device enters the "unreachable" state (if you still manage to reach it).


Best regards,

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by anonymous
Hello again

Last days I have free time to test the router's functions one by one and identify in which cases there is a problem, after I upgraded to RUT36X_R_00.07.04.3 via bootloader as you advised me in your previous post.

I tested the router in continuous operation without a sim, with the wan connected to my home router and my devices via LAN and Wi-Fi. It run continuously and at normal speeds for several days without any problems.

Over the next few days I unplugged the Wan, and inserted a sim. The speed difference in connecting a device between LAN and Wi-Fi is huge at all hours of the day. I am sending you an indicative photo from the history of the speed test from Okla with a difference of one minute. In addition, after a few hours of operation it disconnects all Wi-Fi devices and does not allow them to connect again either automatically or by pressing the connection button and many times its name is lost for seconds from the list of WiFi networks.

So in this situation, not being able to connect via wifi, I thought of connecting via LAN. Internet was working normally. I logged into WebUI via this way and went to the WiFi tab. I turned wifi off and on again and connecting wirelessly (manual only, not automatic) to my devices was restored, having a connection and internet again for a while.

I saved a troubleshooting file right after that and am sending it to you in case someone sees what the problems are due to.

If I can provide any further clarification I will gladly do so as soon as I find some time again.

Thank you for any help
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by anonymous

Αround 4:00pm my internet and webui access via all connected wifi devices started to freeze or not working.

After reconnecting the lan cable and connecting to the webui normally, I downloaded and am sending you a new troubleshooting file up to that point. The paradox is that in all my unsuccessful attempts to connect to the webui with the message "The device is unreachable. Please check the connection and try again", in the log file of the operating system each one is recorded as "Authentication was successful from 192...... ....)

Please any admin can see the file because I am at a dead end.