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by anonymous
I have a remote Rut240 which I access via OpenVpn

Somehow I cannot log into the WebUI through the IP address, although I can ping it and can also login via SSH.

I had the remote access via https active while fixing some openvpn problems. Since I de-activated remote https, I can't get in.

Since it is remote, how can I re-gain access.

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by anonymous


There a few thing that could be happening.

Since you have SSH access, we can solve the issue

You could have blocked access to WebUI on the IP address

execute command: ubus call ip_block clear

Try to if you have regained access, if not then try to execute:

uci show firewall | grep HTTPS

you should get an ouput'Enable_HTTPS_WAN'

the 17 might be different
uci set fire firewall.<the number in my case it was 17>.enabled=1
uci set uhttpd.main._httpsWanAccess=1
uci commit
/etc/init.d/firewall reload
/etc/init.d/uhttpd reload
by anonymous
Ok first command did nothing to help

I did the second set of commands. Not sure the first command structure is correct. I left out the fire bit and it worked.

Now I can reach the remote WebUI, but it seems the router reboots before I get anywhere as I just lost connection every time and after a while I can reach the remote WebUI again

When I did the firewall reload, there seemed to be "errors" although I did not capture them.

The "errors" in executing firewall reload has a list of warnings but at the end after rebuilding some tables, the execution of scripts  '/etc/' and '/usr/share/miniupnpd/firewall.include' failed as they could not be found. I looked for them, but I could not found them either.

Just to add the Openvpn session is running fine and stable and I can access my cameras without loosing the connection. However when I use WebUI, connection is lost and not always at the same point in the session. Sometimes I can progress too some pages in the WebUI before loosing connection