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by anonymous

Dear Support, with the following use case I had problems and kindly ask for your help.

Initial situation:
A wireless client (Sonate#1) and a wireless AP (Sonate#4) are configured for home use for testing and are working properly.

Use case:
If I'm traveling with my camper, I would like to use the WiFi of the campsite if possible.
So I used the "SCAN" button to find the available networks, which were then also visible in a list; with the "JOIN NETWORK" button an error message came up (screenshot "SCAN.PNG").
I followed the advice in the error message and pressed the "MULTI AP" button. This immediately led to the same error message (screenshot "MULTI AP.PNG").
So it was not possible for me to use the wireless network of the campsite.
What am I doing wrong? Or is that again one of the surprising bugs of firmware 7.x?

Thanks and BR


1 Answer

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by anonymous


Please remove Sonate#1 client interface and add it to Multi AP list of access points.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Good morning,
thank you for your comment. I followed your tip and it worked; I configured my home access point Sonate#1 in a group "MyAccessPoints". This group appears in the failover view. I assume that the RUT955 will now automatically scan all the configured APs in this group for availability. That would then be a behavior comparable to a mobile phone. Is that correct?

Now I have two more questions.
1) (pls. refer to attached picture)
From my last attempts to get into the WLAN of the campsite, this AP remained in the Network>Failover view under entry 5 (BaiaVerde). This AP does not appear in any other view of the RUT955 in order to be able to delete it. How can I get rid of him?
During a holiday trip, several APs can accumulate in a MULTI AP group. Can unused APs be temporarily deactivated and reactivated via the Network>Wireless menu, button MULTI AP, Headline Access Points, switch off/on?

Many thanks for your support. Greetings Guenther