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by anonymous
Dear Support, with the following use case I had a problem and kindly ask you for your support.

I started a trip in Germany (my home) with a working mobile configuration (vodafon DE).
While I was driving through Switzerland I switched off the router.
In Italy I switched the router back on and wanted to register with a local operator (vodafon IT) with the following sequence of operations.

Menu: Network > Mobile > Network Operators
Active: SIM SIM1
Current operator: N/A
Connection mode: Manual
Operator code: N/A
Scan for operators
Error: failed to get scan results!

This error was even reproducible with several scans, there was no chance for a mobile connection.
Oddly enough, restarting the router helped, even though it had previously gone through a cold start coming from Switzerland.

Any idea why the router got stuck in this use case?

Thanks and BR


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by anonymous



It's hard to say what could be causing this issue without having the extensive logs found in the troubleshoot file after the issue reoccurs.

It could be that the modem was preoccupied with some other process, thus rejecting the scan request (perhaps scanning the nearby networks by itself?). It could be that you had manually locked the router to a certain operator and it was scanning the nearby cells.

But once again, since we do not have any logs from the device at the time, this is pure speculation, and if this happens next time, I would recommend taking a troubleshoot file from the device and attaching it to the question.


Best regards,