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by anonymous
Ok, first of: I've been struggling for two days, been reading the forums, following the wiki, but still I can't get it to work.

My goal is:

To connect remotely from a PC with internet connection to the device (Siemens S7-1200 PLC) on the LAN port of the TRB140.

I followed the wiki for TRB140 + ZeroTier setup, and I got it to work without problems. I can connect to the TRB140 from the remote PC. My IP span on ZeroTier network is 10.147.0/24. The IP adress of the LAN port in TRB140 is The IP address of the PLC connected to the LAN port is (router/standard gateway:

How can I connect (ping) the PLC from the remote PC? I am new to network, so please be very specific.Thank you very much!

1 Answer

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by anonymous


It seems that in the route settings on the ZeroTier website you have a wrong route. Since you need to access the LAN network of TRB, the route should be via (IP address of the TRB I suppose). 

Also, in the Network -> Firewall settings, change ZeroTier firewall zone settings to ACCEPT forwarding.

Please, could you change that and let me know if it works?

Kind Regards,


by anonymous

Hi Andzej, thanks for your reply. I really appreciate the help.

I messed up a little bit with the route settings on ZeroTier website, since i reset the TRB140 a couple of times to start all over, and then forgot to edit the route to the new IP of the trb. Anyways, I think I corrected that now. Now I can ping both the TRB and the LAN ip ( of the trb from the remote PC. Great!

But I can't ping the IP of the device (PLC) connected to the LAN port of the trb ( Do I need some firewall / port forward settings for this to work?  

 Bg, Kenneth

PS. I read a guide about settings in Firewall > Port Forwards, which mentioned the parameters: Protocol, Source zone, External port, Internal zone, Internal IP address and Internal port. But I just see the parameters: Name, External Port, Internal IP address, Internal Port, so the guide is difficult to follow. I am running the newest firmware on the trb.

by anonymous
Ok, it works now. I forgot to put the trb LAN ip address as PLC gateway(router). I am very happy and relieved right now :)