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I was reading the blog posts and saw this one, from almost 1 year ago:

GPS-less Device Localization with RMS

For me, none of my devices can use the "real" GPS antenna because they are not located in a position that has line of sight to clear sky, so it would be great if approximate location could show up in RMS based on cell tower ID. However, when I checked, this does not seem to be working.

Devices are all located in Northeast USA and using Verizon.

By the way, I have read as well and as per that discussion, yes monitoring is enabled in RMS, all devices are running latest firmware 7.04.2.

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For devices, which do not have built in GPS capabilities, or GPS is disabled, there are two ways to determine device's location in RMS. 

  • Device's location can be manually selected on the map in RMS device information window.
  • RMS can try to determine approximate device's location using cell tower information. This is done once a day, at 00:00 UTC+0 time. Location is determined using the following cell tower database. If the cell tower is not listed in the database, the location will not be shown. Having Static and Dynamic device monitoring enabled should be sufficient to obtain location information.

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Ok, so my device is in this area, but I can't search for it because I don't know the value for LAC. Is there a way to find it from RUTX device CLI?

I figured MCC=311 and MNC=480 from gsmctl -K. But gsmctl -C returns ERROR: Couldn't retrieve data.  

Is it because Cell ID format is not the same as what db uses?


Try this command:

  • ubus call gsm.modem0 get_net_reg_stat | grep lac | cut -d '"' -f 4


That command returns nil. I ran it without the grep/cut to see what the output was:

[email protected]:~# ubus call gsm.modem0 get_net_reg_stat
"mode_id": 3,
"mode": "Enabled (with location information)",
"status_id": 3,
"status": "Denied"



This is the case with Verizon SIM cards, I assume.

Could you try one of the following commands:

  • gsmctl -A 'AT+CGREG?' 
  • gsmctl -A 'AT+CEREG?

According to AT commands manual, they return the following output:

+CGREG: <n>,<stat>[,<lac>,<ci>[,<Act>]]

The LAC part can be obtained again by cutting:

  • gsmctl -A 'AT+CGREG?' | cut -d'"' -f 2

Be aware that the commands return LAC value in hexadecimal, thus it must be converted to decimal.

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Thank you. 

Both of the commands gsmctl -A 'AT+CGREG?' and gsmctl -A 'AT+CEREG?' return the same results

+CGREG: 2,1,"4F00","134E518",7

In this case, is 4F00 the LAC in hex, and 134E518 the CellID (also hex) ?

I hope the native gsmctl command will be updated to parse and display these in the normal preferred format, because accessing the data this way is very cumbersome.

That would be correct, regarding the commands results.

I will forward a suggestion, as Verizon seems to have its own nuisances, complicating access to this data.

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