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by anonymous
Hi Team,

The router has LAN on An end device is connected to this LAN with

Everything works well with RMS Connect. We are able to connect to it.

But, while I am trying to access devices on LAN side of the RUT360 through the RMS VPN it's not working.

Through the VPN I cannot ping or reach I tried pinging( through Router CLI and its working.

Could you please help with it?

We followed the RMS VPN Youtube link for configuration.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Could you open the client's .ovpn configuration file with a text editor and modify it by adding an additional option to set MTU value:

  • tun-mtu

The values to try are:

  • 1360
  • 1380

The file could be edited in a following way:

Also, please check, if LAN forwarding is enabled in RMS VPN Hub -> Routes configuration tab.

Otherwise, could you provide the serial of your device and the name of your VPN HUB in a private message?

Best regards,

by anonymous

Thanks for the advise. I tired with both the values. It is not working. I have shared the device details in private message.
by anonymous


VPN HUB configuration does appear correct.

What is the device connected to your RUT360? I assume, it has a static IP setting.

I would like you to check up on the ethernet/LAN interface settings of the device you want to reach, specifically default gateway setting. The device should have it set with the LAN IP address of RUT360.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Thanks for your help. Yes, your right, it's a static IP for the end device that is connected to router. I don't have an option to check the LAN interface or default gateway of that device. Is there any other way to make the vpn work?

But just out of curiosity, then how does the CLI ping test is working?(screenshots already attached)

One more question when we choos ethe server which is the nearest server to Australia?

by anonymous
If I understand directly, the end device must be connected directly to RUT360. In this case, pings are made from the router within the same LAN/broadcast domain.

If you want to forward traffic remotely over VPN HUB, the end device must have a gateway address.

Best regards,