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by anonymous

Any WWAN interface automatically generates a default route using a metric that can be configured using the web interface.


# ip r
default via x.x.x.x dev eth1 proto static metric 1
default dev wwan0 proto static scope link src metric 2 dev wwan0 proto static scope link metric 2
x.x.x.x/30 dev eth1 proto static scope link metric 1

How can I make sure that there is no default route set at all for wwan0?

Right now, as soon as the WAN link is gone, all other clients could make use of the WWAN default route and eat up my mobile data allowance.

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by anonymous


It is possible to disable default route in the Network -> interfaces -> Interface settings -> Advanced settings. There should be a slider to use the interface for a default route. However, this option is not present in the mobile interface settings. As an alternative, you can modify the network configuration file directly from the command line using a text editor like vi. Execute the following command to start editing the file (press 'i' to edit):

  • vi /etc/config/network

Inside the network configuration file, locate the configuration for the mobile interface (e.g., mob1s1a1). Add the following option to disable the default route:

  • option defaultroute '0'

After adding the option, press the ESC key, type ':wq', and press Enter to save the changes and exit the editor.

 Then, restart network service:

  • /etc/init.d/network restart

Now, the default route via mobile interface will not be added to the routing table.

However, considering your purpose, it may be more appropriate to explore other options such as using VLANs, Firewall traffic rules, or the Hotspot feature for managing users. These options can provide more control and better align with your requirements. The choice will depend on your needs. I would recommend investigating those alternatives.

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