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by anonymous
I'm thinking about getting a RUTX11 for our van. One of the reasons is the GNSS data and Bluetooth.

I've been using a bluetooth GPS logger attached to an external GPS antenna; the GPS data goes to an Android tablet running the BluetoothGPS app to pick up the bluetooth data stream, and a TomTom navigation app.

Is a similar connection possible with the RUTX11, and if so has anyone done it?


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by anonymous


Teltonika Networks devices have a custom implementation of Bluetooth protocol, meaning that it is designed to work only with certain frame formats and supports a limited number of sensors. Some of these sensors are:

In your case, even if your RUT device detects the aforementioned logger, unfortunately, most likely that they will not communicate and no data will be exchanged.

The router itself though provides means to forward GPS data to either some TCP, HTTP(S) or AVL server. Third party tracking solutions can be considered. Some of the supported third party platforms are provided here.

Best regards,

by anonymous
That's helpful thanks, however the third-party platforms are for external tracking.

Is there a way for the RUTX11 to transmit NMEA data over Bluetooth to an Android device?
by anonymous
Unfortunately, that is not possible.

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