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by anonymous

I'm trying to connect with a RUT951 through a Public IP of the SIM1 and I can't.

I configured the "Acces Control" in the "Administration" enabling the option "Enable Remote HTTP Acces" at port 80.

I forwarded the external port 80 to the 80 of the LAN of the router.

I can see that the WAN Mobile IP is

When I am connected via cable to the router and use the IP above in the webrowser, I can enter to the login page of the router.

However, if I enter the same IP in the webrowser without being connected via cable, I can not enter to the router.

Could you help me to find the issue?

Thank you. Kind regards.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


IP addresses within the range of and are reserved for carrier grade NAT, meaning that these are not unique public IP addresses, but addresses used for devices within carrier networks.

Due to that, router access from outside network simply will not work.

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