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by anonymous

For over a year I have been having huge issues with my RUTX12.

Firmware version


Firmware build date

2023-05-17 09:31:06

Primary modem firmware version


Secondary modem firmware version


Kernel version


Every month or so, it will suddenly stop working for several hours. No matter what I do - including soft/hard reboots of the device, resetting to factory defaults, etc. - the device will continue to be faulty until it randomly starts working properly again for the next few weeks/months.

When it goes "bad", symptoms include the following:

1. The WebUI becomes either totally unresponsive or partially unresponsive. Often I can load the login page, but then it refuses to log in. If it does log in, it might take ages for pages to load fully, and when they do load, functions are missing or don't work (e.g. current firmware version stays on "Checking..."). If I try to update the firmware, it says "Unable to check free space on device" and similar issues like that.

2. In the WebUI, the entire "Mobile" section sometimes just disappears from the menu(!) - as if my modems just suddenly cease to exist. This has been infuriating when trying to debug connectivity problems.

3. The modem lights on the device just switch off completely. 

4. Sometimes when I log in it will say "Primary modem is unreachable."

As I said, the device remains this way for a while (maybe a few hours) no matter what I do to it. Then a few hours later it starts working normally again. It's extremely strange.

My 4G signal is good in this area, and even if it wasn't I would still expect the WebUI to work properly without internet connection!

Having said that, I have seen some internet-related errors in the browser console. For example see the attached log.

I don't know if these errors are related to my issues. But the device is trying to fetch some online resources (e.g. even when the device has "no modem" which seems silly.

What on earth is happening with my device?

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by anonymous



I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with your device!

The content that the device is trying to reach ( is related to the GPS functionality of the device and should not affect the loading of the WebUI. This was implemented to save storage on the device.

I will ask you to wait for the issue to replicate (the device starts freezing, the modem becomes unreachable, etc.) wait for the device to come back to a normal state (do not reboot!), and navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot. Here, a troubleshoot file can be generated, which can then be attached to the original post. Hopefully, it will provide some more information on what could be going wrong.


Best regards,