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by anonymous
We reading data over Modbus RTU and pushing the data over MQTT to the platform. the set schedule for data transmission is every 5 minutes but we have noticed that the data is not reaching the broker as per the schedule and sometimes there is a delay for 10 minuted in each transmission.

Is there a way to monitor the connection status and the data transmission on the gateway level to check the issue where is the data getting stucked.

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by anonymous



Make sure that the period between reading the data, and sending the data is the same. The period for reading the data can be specified in the Services → Modbus → Modbus Serial Master → MODBUS SLAVE DEVICE CONFIGURATION:

And the period for sending the data can be specified by navigating to Services → Data to Server and editing the created instance:

It should be kept in mind, that the values can be cached in the Modbus database, so the reading interval could be 5 seconds, and the sending period could be 60 seconds. This way all of the data collected in those 60 seconds will be sent at once.

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