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by anonymous
Hi Community,

We have now bought our first Teltonika Router for future testing. We may need a few of those if everything works correctly.

I have set up the RUT241 as a OpenVPN Server. Everything works correctly if i choose TLS Authentication. But we want TLS and Password Authentication. So i selected TLS/Password in the Server config. I uploaded a .txt file with 1 username and password in it. It is formatted correclty in the Unix Format via Notepad++ like shown in this thread:

Has anybody got this working?

Thanks in advance.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

I was not able to reproduce the issue on RUT241 on the latest firmware.

The password file should like this:

username password

And there should be nothing else. The file should have no extensions for simplicity sake.

Make sure the client LAN IP is different than server LAN IP. Turn on client to client communication, push the routes if you want to reach LAN IPs on client side