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by anonymous
Lately I'm having some problems with a RUT951 router. The connection with a 3G/4G network gets lost. The logs say there a some troubles with IP addresses that are being blocked, because of a firewall rule. What firewall rule can block an IP? Because normal router setup is that it is without a firewall. The only rules is to prevent a DDOS attack.

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by anonymous


I want to clarify a few points regarding the issue you mentioned. Please note that the device always has a firewall configured. However, based on the information provided, it doesn't seem to be the cause of the problem you are experiencing. The blocked IP address you mentioned refers to a separate service that automatically blocks an IP address after a certain number of failed authentication attempts (typically 10 by default). This feature is designed to protect against brute-force attacks. So, if a device attempts to log in and fails 10 times, its IP address will be blocked, preventing further access to the router.

Regarding the mobile connectivity issue you're facing, it appears to be related to the poor quality of the mobile signal. You can check the RSRP and SINR (noise) values visible in the screenshots and compare them to the information provided here.

Did you recently move the device to a different location? Changes in location can significantly impact the signal quality. If possible, try moving the device closer to a window or outside the building to improve signal reception. As you relocate the device, monitor the RSRP and SINR values to see if the signal strength improves.

Also, please ensure that the antennas are properly attached to the device.

Additionally, you can try manually selecting a different band for the mobile connection. This can be done in the Network -> Mobile -> General settings. There, you can choose the network type and list the preferred bands for the connection. From the provided screenshot, it seems that despite the poor signal, the device is able to connect on band 20. However, I still recommend moving the device to an area with a better signal if possible.

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