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Hello. I have a RUT950 and i have trouble with low download-speeds.

(The upload-speed is excellent on 25mbit wich is max on this 4g-tower)

But the download speed used to be 10mbit on my router, and when i updated firmware to latest it is now 20mbit.

Wich is still low. Since i have an external 4g-sender on my roof wich is connected to the router. And when i connect the same external to my super-old huawei-router i get between 40-50mbit download-speed.

Someone know whats up with the rut950? Surely its supposed to be able to handle those speeds since it cost a lot of money?

Best regard Marcus

1 Answer

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Could you add screenshot from RUT950 WebUI: Status -> Network -> Mobile when your router is connected to network and screenshot from Network -> Mobile -> General?

Which exactly Huawei router you was used? What is the model of it? Could you add screenshot from Huawei where connection status is shown when the same SIM card is used?

When you was testing with RUT950 and Huawei, how your PC was connected (wifi or wired lan) to router?