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set of reboot is generating event records!!!. I run the latest fw release. . How can I store all event records and after that make a delete of all? Thanks in advance/Paul

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Hello Paul,

If I understand correctly you are asking why Periodic Reboot logs are not showing in Event Logs? They actually are generated, see the screenshot as an example:

If I misunderstood your question, please clarify and I'll do my best at answering it.


Hi Danius, thanks for your answer. I should see log records in the events log for Reboot but no records are there. So I am not sure  if records are generated or  if there exist problem with the events logg. Reboot log record only generated in events log when I do Reboot  via web ui in Menue System/reboot.  Screen shot where?

Pretty much every reboot event should be logged except for physical reboot (Pulling the plug out and in), you can take a look at the example:

As you can see there are a lot of different reboot logs, maybe you can try some of them and see if they are logged? "Request from button" is logged after pressing the reset button on the router for a second (Don't hold it too long because you can reset the router accidentally).

P.S. The screenshot on my last comment did not save, I edited it so you can take a look again.



I have the same issue with ma RUTX11 - no Event Logs via Email are reported in case of a periodic reboot!

Yes, the Log Page shows "Request for periodic reboot", but no Email is sent at that point. A few seconds later, there is obviously no more infrastructure in service which allows to record the actual reboot event, and/or to submit an EMail. Teltronica should either send an Email already at the time of REBOOT REQUEST, or remove the the option to choose such an event for Email and/or SMS Reports!