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I am expanding on this exsiting question: https://community.teltonika-networks.com/3384/rut-950-4g-only-full-forced-lte

I have my RUT950s on Auto and Force LTE disabled. The device is constantly going in and out of reception and I notice that sometimes it doesn't regain comms until a periodic reboot. I think the Force LTE option might improve the situation.

  1. Could Teltonika provide a difference in functionality between Auto and Force LTE?
  2. I have played with the Force LTE option in the office a bit and couldn't see any logs of the device attempting to reconnect. Are there any logs?
  3. With the Force LTE option, does it only attempt reconnection if it does not have LTE reception? or does it constantly reconnect even if it has perfect LTE reception?

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If you choose "Force LTE" router periodically checking does module connected to LTE. If not it reregister to a network. Module could connect to 2G and 3G between checking interval.

"Service mode" is specified in which network module have to work. Module can't connect to another network (like 2G or 3G). If router can't connect to LTE in this case it return searching and doesn't connect to operator.
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When we are talking about LTE, I will assume it is comms standard above 3G as there seems to be a vague definition of what LTE covers.

so with "Force LTE" setting enabled and Service Mode in auto,

1. Module initially connects to whatever is available - 4G,3G,2G etc.

2. Module periodically checks if connection is above 3G. If it is, it does nothing.

3. If connection is below 4G, it will try to reconnect to 4G. It will try to re-register if "re-register" setting is enabled.

Is the above correct?

Yes, that is correct.
Are there any logs associated with the checking of reception and the reconnection attempts?
There is no log output for this service.

You just can see using logread when it started "Starting modem reregister manager" and when modem re-register happened "Reregister module".
Can you think of disadvantages of enabling the re-register option? The obvious one is the time it takes to re-register and reconnect.

Thank you