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by anonymous
We have been using the RUT950 in Nigeria and have been unable to open ports when using Cellular connections.  We require ports 9000 and 9001 to be open to allow UDP traffic to pass to an audio LAN device behind the RUT950 Firewall.  We can successfully do this in the UK with UK Cellular connections.  However, all Nigerian Cellular networks appear to have some unknown restriction.

We have tried Port Forward, Open Ports and DMZ and the UDP connections are not getting through to our LAN device from the WAN.  Are there any other tools on the RUT950 which may help with this issue?

Also, does anyone know of this is typical of certain countries Cellular data networks blocking UDP ports and making custom routings/mappings impossible.  So far the Nigerian Cellular networks have been no help whatsoever and can’t even provide a Static IP address SIM.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!  Thanks

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1 Answer

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by anonymous

can you try to SSH to router and use tcpdump tool to check packet flow?

you can use command to check 4G interface:

tcpdump -i wwan0 -n

to check LAN interface:

tcpdump -i br-lan -n

Check if packets coming with correct destination address.