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I have an IPSEC VPN built with IKEv2 protocol. Warrior clients can connect to the local network through this VPN

Now I would like to give access to a RUT955 router (other site but same segment) which does not use the same protocol (OpenVPN)

Is it possible to do that WITHOUT upset the existing configuration ?

If yes, what is the best approach ?

Thank's you

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If I understood you correctly, you would like to configure IPsec on your RUT955, but you cannot find its configuration, since when opening "Services -> VPN" menu you can only see "OpenVPN" configuration.

Is this correct?

  • If yes, take note that you can navigate to different menu's "sub-tabs" and configure IPsec tunnel there:

  • If no, could let me know more details what exactly do you want o accomplish?
Take note, that you can find both OpenVPN and IPsec configuration examples on Teltonika wiki:
What I want to accomplish:

One existing segment with one router (192.168.1.x) and PCs on which a VPN tunnel (IKEV2/IPSEC) is available.

Another segment with one RUT955 (192.168.1.y) and PCs.

To have the possibility to communicate between the two segments through the VPN

We want to have IPsec IKEv2 VPN tunnel between Cisco ASA and RUT955 version 6.X and there haven't found any VPN parameter combinations which work.  There have been earlier RUT version which have worked with IKEv2 but not anymore with newer version.

If there is  have IPsec configuration examples for IKEv2 , it's more than welcome!