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Hi, I am having some trouble with the VLAN setting on RUT955


PC------------------------------ LAN 1 / ON / VLAN 'x'

End node eth0.'x' ---------- LAN 3 / Tagged / VLAN 'x'

I can ping the end device for 'x' = 1 ,2 ,7

But NOT if 'x' = 77, 171, 177 or 717.

I have done all sorts of other tests, but I think this is the one that exposes the problem.

Is there some strange internal limit to the number of the VLAN that I am allowed to use with this device? Thanks?

1 Answer

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Hello Nick,

Could you please provide /etc/config/network file contents? You can access it via Command Line Interface. Services > CLI

Username: root

Password: same as Web UI password

run the command:

cat /etc/config/network

and copy the output.