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The Mobile information tab of the RUT955 gives the current cell id.

In order to improve the reception (weak  LTE signal), I want to buy an antenna but I hesitate between an omni model and a direct model.

My idea is to establish a list of cell id and I ask you if it is possible to find in the RUT955 the information: in the logs for instance ? or is it possible to record the information and extract it after the cell ids ?

If the list has only one cell id then I will buy a direct antenna.

Thank you,

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If I understand correctly you want to know how many cell towers your router can "see"?

If so, you can take a look at this thread: https://community.teltonika-networks.com/2955/view-all-nearby-cell-towers?show=2994#c2994
No !

I want to know the list of cell towers my router has seen during a certain time (for instance one day).

The at+qeng="servingcell" command gives an instantaneous answer.

Now I have an idea: write a script or use the at command: for instance

at now + 1 hour -f myscript.sh

Write AT commands in myscript.sh and write the result in a file.

The problem is to fill myscript.sh ...

Perhaps something like that:


CMD='echo AT ...'

case $CMD ...
There is no such specific feature for your solution, but you can try using User Scripts to loop that command and output it to a file.

More information: https://wiki.teltonika.lt/view/User_Scripts