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I decided to reboot my RUT955 (FW: by the command system > reboot

After a few minutes, I noted that the access to internet was disabled (I did ping

I also observed that the RUT955 was in a loop (I looked at the signal strength leds): every 5 minutes a retry was done.

Then I looked at the crontab:

*/5 * * * * /etc/init.d/operctl restart

Finally I turn off the power supply and turn on after a few seconds and everything was ok.

I am disappointed because my RUT955 will be installed at 200km in an isolated location. Nobody could turn off/on the power supply.

Any explanation ?

I would suggest upgrading you Firmware version to our newest, you can find it here: https://wiki.teltonika.lt/view/RUT9xx_Firmware

For unexpected losses of connection I would also suggest you to use our Ping Reboot function, you will find more information here: https://wiki.teltonika.lt/view/RUT955_Auto_Reboot

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Could you generate a troubleshoot file and send it to me via Private Message? You can do it in System > Administration > Troubleshoot > Troubleshoot File > Download. Thanks.
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Hi I have the same problem.

When I do  /etc/init.d/network restart

It reconnects and I have a working deafult route again.

This error happens even at a fresh boots sometimes.

I would not recomend using RUT955 in any important things or remote location until they fixed all these connection problems.
I been having soo much problems latly, and I am using the latest firmware there is to update with.

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I made a script now to help with this problem, not a fix but better then waiting for a fix..

You need some basic skills of linux to use it.

login to your RUT as root

create a file using vim (or other text editor in RUT)
paste all this and then chmod +x yourfile


default=`/sbin/route | grep -c default`


if [ ! -f "$tmpfile" ]; then #create file if missing.

        echo 0 >$tmpfile


trigger=`cat $tmpfile | grep -c error`

if [ $default == 0 ]; then      #0 Error no default gateway

        echo "error" >>$tmpfile

        echo "Missing default gateway"


        echo 0 >$tmpfile


if [ $trigger -ge 3 ];then      #Too many errors

        echo 0 >$tmpfile

        echo "Rebooting, missing default too long"



THEN you can add an entry in crontab running that file every 5 or 2 mins and after some fails it will reboot your device for you.
(ex   */5 * * * * /usr/mystuff/chknetworking )
This script only check for a valid default route, but I think the problem with RUT devices it the poor WWAN inplementation/driver layout on board what ever..

Hope it helps you.

If we understood correctly, you have certain issues with your device, which is described in the following crowd support ticket: https://community.teltonika-networks.com/8182/loosing-default-gateway-to-internet-rut955

It seems that your answer to this crowd support ticket is related with particular issue you are encountering with your device, but is not related with this case in any way. If you have any additional information to your initial crowd support question, please write all relative information to your original ticket, so that we could help you solve your issue.
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I upgraded my firmware.

I tried to reboot.

Everything is ok after 12 minutes !

Acceptable or not ?