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What LTE speeds can i expect on a RUTX09 in reality? On my site location my phone (Sony xperia XZ3) hits 170-220mbit/s, have tried a Sierra RV50X and AMIT VHG87B and they only hits 70-100mbit. IPS is Telia Sweden uses band 8+20 LTE-A. Any real life experience?  I know its up too 300mbit and CAT6 but thats oboved mentioned also. A regular Huawei B525 hits 200mbit...

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RUTX09 is capable to achieve LTE speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

However, according to your speed test results, it seems that your mobile ISP might not be able to supply 300 Mbps speeds in that particular location, since your devices caps slightly above 200 Mbps. If you will be receiving similar speeds with your RUTX09 in that particular location, you might want to try testing your devices in different location, where mobile ISP provides faster internet.