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In case of power fail does the relay output (5,10) keep its state ?

And what about when recovery ?

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No, RUT955 router relay is not latching type, so it doesn't keep ON state, when power falls down.

After power recovery, when RutOS boots up again, it automatically returns to default state.
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OK. I understood that during the power off the state is not latched.

That means I must declare the default state as ON ?
By default (when not activated) relay state normally open (NO).
A little bit confusing for me ...

If the contacts were closed before the power fail, they are open when the power is on.

I want to use my RUT955 as a automatic heat command, in a far location.

If the heat was on (contacts closed) before the power fail, it will be off when the power is on ?

That means I am obliged to memorize the state of my heat OUTSIDE of the RUT955 in order to re-establish the previous state: correct or not ?

strange for me ...

Yes, after power fail router returns to default relay state, which is normally open.

If you need to recover in to the same relay state, I suggest to create custom script, which constantly checks and saves relay state and after power recovery it returns last know state.

More about user scripts: https://wiki.teltonika.lt/view/RUT955_User_Scripts

Thank you Tomas for your explanation.