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I have lost the RUT230 remote access but the ROUTER is working (The devide into the network are sending data).

The acces is through DDNS in noip.com. ¿How Can I restore the remote acces?

Thanks a lot

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If remote access to the router was working without any issues before, what has happened on the router, before you lost connectivity? Maybe you have changed certain device's settings?

In this case you could you using Teltonika's Remote Monitoring Platform (https://rms.teltonika.lt/), which should allow you to reach your device remotely again. You can start using the platform by simply creating new account and adding your device to it.

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That is the question: Nothing, it was suddely, and in Teltonika's Remote Monitoring show This device is currently Offline and this is not correct

I tried using sms remote activation, but nothing happen

I traid the ssh access,  but is imposible

What other form of remote access do I have left?


In such case try sending the following SMS commands to the router (replace "admin01" with actual router's password in all commands):

 - "admin01 status". Router should respond to this message and report if it has mobile internet connectivity and what is his IP address.

 - "admin01 monitoring_status". Router should respond to this message indicating if it is connected to RMS or not (from his own standpoint).

These two commands should provide at least basic information what is happening with the device. Knowing router's response to them might show why remote connectivity stopped working. You could also try sending "admin01 reboot" command just to rule out the option if simple reboot could solve the issue.

Thanks for your help. I could acces the router using the ip and reset it.

Thanks a lot for your help