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Greetings! Cannot to connect to RUT955 by wan-address, although firewall rules allow it (i think so)

I cannot: ping, login to webui by wan ip. In "General\access control" http assess is enabled.

I successfully configured IpSec VPN tunnel with another router (Kerio Control). Pings from RUT955 to remote network are successfull, from remote to RUT955 are not.

Don,t understand, everything worked recently



added custom rulr "iptables -L", now can ping wan, can access to RUT955 from remote vpn-network, but cannot assess to webui with error:

Forbidden Rejected request from RFC1918 IP to public server address

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According to your screenshots seems you have modified firewall rules. Without a full troubleshoot package is hard to say what should be reconfigured.

So solution could be to reset router to default settings, then reconfigure IPsec. For remote access to router is enough to enable "Allow WebUI access" in IPSec configuration.
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