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I am trying to log into a Teltonica RUT955 via Linux command line and everything goes correct with pure curl commands and POST method to get the session id and so on.

The Problem comes when I have to configure some parameters so JSON-RPC is needed in the curl commands. I followed already the guide of the Wiki  https://wiki.teltonika.lt/view/Monitoring_via_JSON-RPC#Using_JSON-RPC_with_Linux_OS

I just copy and paste the command appearing in the Wiki and change the values of ip, username and password. I am not getting a response at the very beginning, when asking for the session id. As I said, with pure curl, without json, it works.

The JSON-RPC is enabled in the router so my understanding is that the json-rpc is installed correctly there.

Any Ideas ?

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I update my own post.

While connecting via curl with jsonrpc, the username must be root and not admin.

It is a bit confusing the Wiki when it says: The section highlighted in orange is the router's admin password. admin01 is the default value, replace it with your router's password.

Because basically the router´s admin is the root superuser. Nothing about the admin user.

Hope this helps someone.


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