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I have a dream ...

A software application such as LTE watch or LTEInspector for my RUT955 ...

Yes, I know, status > graph can help but not easy to deploy in real time an external 4G antenna.

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Could you explain a little more the functionallity you dream on?smiley

As far as we understand you want to know the optimal orientation of the mobile antennas, isn't it?

In what kind of applications you deploy our routers that you need such feature?



I will install my RUT955 in a "hostile" environment : mountain, less relays, poor data flow

I will connect a yagi antenna to the RUT955 and, as you said, I want to find the optimal orientation.

Analysis tools (such as LTEwatch,LTEinspecteur) allow the optimization of the reception. You see in real time RSRP,SINNR,RSRQ, noise ...

Have a look on these tools. They could be useful for everyone