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First, I apologize for my English expression (i'm German) and my english is not so good as well.

I have an RUT230 Router. It works fine for over 3 month, but the connection is only with one operator (Telekom.de) usefull.
with the Operator Vodafone, it works but not so fine. The Router automatically switch the operator.

So i wanted to set a operator list but for that i don't have the operator code for Telekom.de.
To get this i use the "Scan for operators" function to list all available operators...i thought.
In the description it said "...while the scan is in progress you will lose your data connection for approximately 2 minutes"
But after that, the connection is lost for over 1 hour.

Can anybody help me with that issue?
The device is far away and i don't have any easy chance to connect witch other connectiontype or to switching the power of.

Thanks in advance!

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try to reboot via SMS.


password reboot
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I tried the reboot via SMS funktion, this was a very usefull help!
The SIM-card is now online again.

I don't understand how it could work, because the card was offline, but it's not necessary.

Thanks for your help! yessmiley