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We have a RUT-955

We are using the cellular WAN connection, and using openVPN to connect back to a remote network

The local LAN contains a multicast video source

Ideally, we would only stream multicast traffic over the cellular link when there is at least one consumer of the multicst group on the remote network. I think that for this to work, we would need to make use of PIM-SM on the Teltonika device

Given the Teltonika units are based on openWRT, it seems this might be possible...but I can't find any reference to whether it has actually been implemented on any of their products. Does anyone here have any idea?

After primary analysis we couldn't find a solution regarding your use case. My suggestion would be to contact your sales representative or reseller if you want a new functionality to be developed on our devices.

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I wonder if the lack of response means the answer is no, or just that there are a lot of questions and only a few moderators....

We are keen to use more of these units if we can, since in all other respects they seem to work well for us, but this is a key issue....

It does seem that pimd /can/ run on openwrt...the question then is if it can be used to provide pim multicast routing on these units. Using the cellular comms, supporting pim multicast routing on the unit would be an ideal way of preventing too much traffic flowing over the cellular link