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About/ I just received an email from a girl I spent a week in training with. She's asking me out for a drink. We socialized during the week, but I never gave her any indicators of interest. Just friendly chit chat. She's very plain looking, and quite dorky to boot. In a word, I'm uninterested, and what puzzles me is where she found the balls to ask me out.

In my perhaps not so humble opinion, I'm way out of her league. Yet in her mind, she must think there's a chance I'll respond. This has happened to me before many times - a girl I befriend in a work or school setting who wouldn't get the time of day from me at a bar thinks we have some kind of chemistry and makes the first move. It seems to me that by the time a girl is in her 20's, she should know what kind of guy she can realistically snag, am I right?

So I'm worried that either 1) I'm flirting with these girls and not realizing it or 2) I'm totally deluded and these plain janes really are in my league. How can I determine which is the cause? Or shouldn't I worry? Does this happen to you? Do you get approached by 4's? How can I avoid leading on these freaks and geeks?

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