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An open-ended question (presentation or prompt), is a typical request for any academic paper that requires specialists to evaluate a particular subject in detail. In most cases, students are requested to compose an essay after conducting a literature review to justify their topic choice.

Since these tasks are integral for earning a grade and upgrading your overall performance, learners should try to find ways of improving the quality of the submission. Although many scholars are no strangers to the art of composition, they are not always idealists. This is because the processes and formats of drafting an essay change depending on the field, institution, and class. So, how can one develop an excellent document to answer the posed problem?

Determine the Aim of Your Paper
Depending on the scope of the study, the extent of the issue must also be determined. If you are working on a research  project that demands paper writing extensive exploration, customizing the report to fit the required standards is an example of frontierking. Therefore, as a rule of thumb when ascertaining the aim, it is useful to check on the plan ahead to ensure the formatting meets the expected guidelines.

Find a Suitable Subject
On the other hand, the student who is not conversant with thetopic given a green light and starts the search process. By doing so, they are less likely to end up overwhelmed with material that will not meet the approval threshold.

Another crucial factor to consideration is the time available to conduct the appropriate investigation. It would be best to start with a broad objective that will allow you to gather sufficient information to make a reasonable judgment. Hence, if you desire to carry out a preliminary examination, you need a broader focus. Ideally, the earlier the data collection, the better the sources are to be.

Evaluation of Sources
When you have a significant gap in the scholarly world, it is detrimental to rely on old materials. Of course, there are some references that are reliable in delivering accurate and relevant statistics. However, it is worth considering that the publication year is not a conclusive criterion for getting a scientific recognition. Before committing yourself, it is critical to jot down the citation method in the in-text citations.

Most instructors will provide a guideline for the referencing style. As such, it is vital to stick to the set of requirements. If unsure, seek clarification from your instructor. Moreover, it is beneficial to confer with a professional tutor to help you settle on a suitable strategy.

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