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by anonymous

We are currently testing the VPN through RMS.

We are using RUT240 (FW 00.07.04) connected to the RMS platform using the internet (WAN + LTE-M) and we are sporadically communication failure with the RUT240 and his LAN PLC device..

We have two remote Windows Server 2019 (RMS users) with a SCADA system connected to the RMS platform with OpenVPN GUI V11.38.00.00 installed. 

Once the devices / routes are configured, the connections are established well. However, routers and routers LAN device communication randomly fail.

TheOpenVPN client on both Windows Server never disconnects. There’s nothing within OpenVPN GUI logs.

Either the router or the OpenVPN client disconnects from the RMS platform. Since both Windows server reach out each other using the RMS IP Address, then everything points in the RUT240 router losing connection with the RMS platform.

You can see in the attached screen shot that RUT240 OpenVPN IP Address, and the LAN device stop answering at the same time. You can also see both OpenVPN clients still reaching each other by the RMS platform while RUT240 disconnect.

The disconnect period is very short but frequent. Since 10h30 this morning there’s 19 disconnect even log by the SCADA system.

I had attached today and yesterday troubleshoot files uploaded from the RUT240 device.


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by anonymous


The logs indicate frequent mobile interface disconnects, followed by shutting down of the OpenVPN tunnels.

Can you confirm that you have a stable mobile connectivity and good signal (can be viewed in router's WebUI Status -> Network -> Mobile page)? 

Also, which LTE-M category do you mean, as the modem used within RUT240 is Cat 4?

I see that you have load balancing enabled. Could you disable it, set the device to use wired WAN as main and only interface to access internet and check if the connection remains stable?

Best regards,

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by anonymous


  1. No, the LTE signal is very poor. This isn't the final setup we are testing Teltonika product.
  2. I don't know category. We use Telus IOT mobile plan. 
  3. I've never enable the load balancer. The failover was enable on the 25th. I've disabled it and it didn't solve the issue. Yesterday, at 14h00 I've totally disabled the Mobile Interface, and the issue was solved. I've re-enable the mobile interface at 21h00 and there's 69 connections lost during the night.


The Teltonika RUT240 seem to disconnect based on the poor mobile signal. 

  1. It should not cause any issue if the failover priority is the WAN (wired) very stable when the mobile is poor. 
  2. When the failover is disabled, it should not cause any issue since the WAN interface metric (2) is lower than the Mobile interface (4). It should always use the lowest cost first.

I've just connected to the main antenna a Stealth M2M signal booster to an external antenna. The mobile signal is now good (-70). I'll continue monitoring the connection status.

by anonymous
After a full day, with a good cell signal there's not connection drop.

I still think there's a problem where OpenVPN should not have a disconnect because of the cellular network signal when the wire (WAN) is up and has priority (lower metric or failover priority 1).

I hope you can fix this.
by anonymous

Could you check, if modifying Network -> Failover settings for each WAN interface as below, still results in RMS traffic being forwarded through mobile only, even if it has a lower priority:

Best regards,