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We are migrating to our new platform at Moving forward, you can continue discussions on this new platform. This current platform will be temporarily maintained for reference purposes.


Teltonika Crowd Support forum is a community, where all Teltonika customers are welcome to share their success stories, ask questions, help others with their solutions, leave suggestions and participate in ongoing discussions.

To help maintain positive environment, we ask you to follow few simple rules, which would ensure that each community member would feel welcome and important.


Posting of copyrighted or confidential information is strictly prohibited.
Posting of anything offensive, abusive or what would a reasonable person consider morally unacceptable is forbidden.
Don't post sexual or explicit content in any form. Any content that was posted for shock value will be immediately removed.
Make sure to respect each other. Harassing, impersonating, sharing personal information will result in a warning or possibly account suspension.
Keep the forum clean and community themed. If there's anything that moderators or administrators have missed, make sure you report it by flagging inappropriate content.
Posting direct marketing/MLM links or content is not permitted.
If conversations become heated or controversial, you may be asked by the moderator/administrator to take the conversation elsewhere, and the thread will be locked or deleted.
Do not upload any files and do not post downloading links to files that could be considered malicious or harmful in any way.
Spamming or continuous commenting without any reason is forbidden. Continuous abuse shall result in warnings and account suspension.
Advertising any external links or media that have something in common with other businesses/websites/competitors is strictly prohibited. This will result in an immediate ban.
Any type of post that is unclear, non-English or without obvious research may be deleted. Before posting anything, make sure you give as much detail as possible, use translating services to translate your post to the English language, and browse our wiki page before asking any question.


Even though we ask everyone to follow above rules and guidelines, there might be occurrences, when someone might try to neglect them and cause potential harm. If this would occur, Teltonika is not liable for any harm done by malicious persons.