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I have few of your RTU955 devices and I want to create DMVPN tunnels between them.

I am using one of the devices as HUB and the others as SPOKES following the configuration examples on your site. I successfully create one DMVPN and works fine, but for the purpose of the project that I'm working on I need more than one DMVPN tunnel. That comes from the requirement to have main and backup WAN. So I have wired connection for main  WAN and LTE connection for backup WAN. 

So my question is : Is it possible to create more than one DMVPN tunnel on the RTU955 device  

I read almost all of your community forum, but can't find the answer. 

I use firmware version :  RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.5  (the latest one I think)

When I have only one DMVPN tunnel all is fine and I can reach the tunnel IP's and the logread  logs show the conneciton is estabished.

But when I try to create second tunnel all the setup fail and both DMVPN's stop working.

Please can you answer my question.

Best Regards

1 Answer

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Could you tell us more about your project? Perhaps you could share your topology(which working) with IP's, subnets, gateways, describe which is Spoke which device is Hub. Also provide your settings and troubleshoot packages from these routers.

And also, please send to us similar topology which doesn't work.

If there is some confidential parameter you share these details directly with me via private messages.