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I want do the ollowing: we have an Modbus-RTU sensor connected via RS485 to the Router (not specified yet, may be some with WiFi). The router should send an SMS if an specified value is exceeded. Until this point I think this should be easy.

But, additionally I need an data visualization, even if there is no Internet connection available (else I think e.g. Azure could be an soultion). Has somebody an idea how the data from the sensor could be visualized? My idea was to use an webservice on the router to get the values and show them on an webpage as numbers or may be diagrams. For the first steps it's only one single value (speed in m/s).

Is there already an solution (like an tachograph)?

Best regards Dirk

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Sadly there is no such tool to visualize Modbus data from within the router itself.

Surely you can develope such webservice as the SDK is available to download. But you will need good programing skills

You can also install 3rd party packages like modbuslib and collect-mod-modbus and try them by yourself. This packages are for reading and visualize text modbus data in a console.