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by anonymous


I've been trying to get the dynamic DNS working on the RUT240 R_00.01.10 the way it is explained here Dynu.com_DDNS_configuration. But this manual seems to be outdated and incorrect.

It uses the custom method, which makes no sense cause this only works if you type a (STATIC) IP. Or are there variable pointers you can use in the custom URL? If so this info is missing in RUT240_Dynamic_DNS.

I would expect at least the "IP" variable, giving u the current IP SOURCE. Also "USERNAME", "PASSWORD", ... would make sense.

By now has been implemented, but this is also not working. After some testing with different settings, I was able to see the status time stamp updating on the RUT240. I guess this means user credentials are being accepted, but the IP at did not update.

A test button, giving you the returned result from the server would have been a nice feature for testing the config. It's also missing the HASH options for the password and client HTTPS request.

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by anonymous


Instead of using "service - custom" you just need to select it.

Here is what you need to configure in website:

Here is what you need to configure in your router:

I hope it helps!