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    I have a RUT995 providing internet access to a vehicle.

    I have an industrial windows pc running a c# program that is connected to the RUT995 Lan.

    Is it possible to access the 4G RSSI / signal strength from the computer connected to the RUT955 ?

    Thank You

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Yes, that is possible via few different ways:

 - One option would be to acquire information from the router using one of the monitoring protocols (SNMP, Modbus, MQTT).

 - Another option would be to simply connect to router via SSH from your C# program and read this information with SSH command:

  • SSH login: root
  • SSH password: <your router's password>

       SSH command to read RSSI: gsmctl -q

       You can also use "gsmctl" command to get whole list parameters, which you can read regarding LTE module.

Best answer
Thank you very much for your advice.

Got the SSH option going using SSH.NET library for c#

Also able to operate / monitor IO

Thank You