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Good morning,

I got a shared RMS account with my colleague and overnight he accidently changed/deleted our account, we both can’t login anymore. He tried making a new account and re-add the teltonika routers again, but he couldn’t add them because these routers were already registered (on the first account). Is there a way to retrieve the account back? Or is it possible to re-add the routers on our 2nd account?

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The default behavior if your user/account is deleted the company and your devices remain on the platform. Only the Teltonika administrators now have the ability to invite you back to the platform. If you bought the devices from Teltonika directly you should contact your sales manager.

If not, you could send me a PM with all the details of your account? And we will try to confirm the ownership of the account and restore it back to you.

  • Your previous account name
  • The email you used to register
  • The company/companies name
  • And the serials numbers for the devices you had added to that company/user
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