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Feature request, add functionality to request and save the current bootloader version of the RUTxxx.
For example the Rut240.

The RMS platform shows the current firmwareversion and other details however I'm missing the bootloader version in the RMS tool.

We noticed that rut240 with bootloader 2.0.1 can crash easily and if it is offline it would be helpfull to remember which bootloader version is in the device.. 

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Thank you for your notes.

What exactly issue you get with 2.0.1 bootloader version?

There is already newer bootloader version: https://wiki.teltonika.lt/view/RUT2xx_Firmware
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Hi, we have approx 150pcs of rut240 running in the field with our clients. The issues we have seen is that the device randomly crashes and all leds stays/go on. Restarting the device manually be removing the powerplug, wait for 10sec and plug the power back in solve the issue for a while, sometimes hours, sometimes days, updating the bootloader solve this issue for not happening again.

And yes we have tested multiple firmware versions even the latest firmware version, but this is not a firmware issue but a bootloader issue and an update of the bootloader will solve it.

Offcourse all new devices already have bootloader 3.0 or higher.

However in the rms tool you cannot check the bootloader version, thats why it is very helpfull for us if the bootloaderversion is saved in the rms management tool.


Ok, thank you for your notes, we will check what we could do and add this request to our RMS nice to have feature list.


This week we will update the RMS system and will add a bootloader version parameter to the main table columns

Thanks for adding this feature. It works!

Nice to have if sorting A-Z or Z-A would be added to the table overview.