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I have small problem with newest firmware of RUT955. I have tcp server running and my Rut955 is sending data over tcp

1.RUT give me IMEI. I'm answering by 1 in 1 byte.

2.Rut give me TCP with AVL data. I'm answering by 4 bytes 000X. Where X is quantity of data

3. RUT is giving me TCP with more AVL DATA. And again i'm answering like in point 2.

But after sometime i receive some Errors in gpsd like:

[Error    ] Sent packet size was not fully read
[Error    ] Failed to receive response to sent AVL packet from server
[Warning  ] Read returned an error, lost 35 bytes

1 Answer

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With the latest RUT9xx firmware here how it works: OPEN SOCKET -> SEND IMEI -> GET 01 FROM SERVER | SEND AVL PACKETS -> GET RESPONSE OF HOW MUCH WAS SENT | in case of failure REOPEN SOCKET
So i have errors with second response?
It could be, please double check our AVL (codec 8) GPS protocol: https://wiki.teltonika.lt/view/RUT955_Protocols