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Hi ,

  I have an RUT955 and have been trying to send an SMS on a input contact closure but have not been able receive any.

I have sent a test SMS to the number associated with the sim and was able to see the text message in the Read SMS tab

I tried to send and SMS in the Send SMS tab but after a short time a red bar appeared at the top of the screen displaying "Timeout"

I have not been able to find any information about what may cause the causes the Timeout message

Any advice about getting the SMS to work would be appreciated


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To begin with, make sure that SIM card, which you have inserted in RUT955 can indeed send SMS messages (i.e. that SIM card has enough balance to send SMS). Best way to do that is to try inserting this SIM card in any mobile phone and trying to send SMS message from it.

If you will be able to send SMS message from this SIM card (from any other device), but RUT955 will still show "Timeout" message, try sending SMS message one more time (to get timeout error). Then download troubleshoot package from "System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot" menu and send it to me via private message.