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we develop software for Linux controllers and sometimes use routers with our software.

Software provides RTU and communication controller functions for router - Modbus, IEC 870-5-101/104, IEC 61850 protocols.

We noticed that RUT950 has 16 Mb flash. What this flash is used for? Can we use all 16Mb or it uses for something else?

Our software take about 10 Mb and we need space for configutation files and backup for update. If 16 Mb is all clear, may be it will be enough. Can we extend memory with MicroSD? We have an expirence that MicroSD card will be in read-only status after time.

Does RUT950 has system flash? Can we use it for our software?

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The flash memory is like the hard drive for a PC. It stores all the OS of the device.

The OS consumes about 11 to 12 Mb of that flash so there is not much left for 3rd party applications. In case you need a device with extra space, you can acquire the RUT955. That device have a MicroSD slot, and a function that allows to use the MicroSD to store the nirmware and the needed applications in the MicroSD.

You will find more information in the following link.


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