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by anonymous
Did a test this morning, configured wifi as wan and connected as station to my cell phone.

Than did an internet test:

1 connected to the router with my pc with cable i get max 6mbit in download and around 400kbit in upload (ookla test).

2 connected directly to the cell phone with my pc trough wifi  (same phone that gives internet to the router) i get 40mbit in download and 400kbit in upload(ookla test).

During the entire test the cell phone was never moved and had 4G+ stable connection troughout all test.

So it is the hardware of the router that is extremely slow, not the modem itself (not using the modem in my test). Is there anything that can be done to speed up the router a bit? As it is now, it is painfully slow, i have never seen anything above 6mbit in download, no matter what type of wan connection the router uses.
I know this is an old thread but I have the same issue. I'd put my 950 away as was slow and used EEs own 4gee box. Getting 100mbs down 25 up. close to a mast so very pleased.  However 4Gee router just died. Remembered I still had this one so could use until new 4gee one came Same SIM getting 29mbs down but 35 up. Makes no sense?

Ill try FW in the meanti
I have been using many different 4g routers and test them side by side. We have our own private lte as well so I can eliminate the cell tower. I prefer to use iperf for testing as it tests link speed.

Teltonika rut955 seems to be significantly slower in both up and down speeds. The Draytek 2862n is significantly  faster in both up and down speeds, same antennas same location same sim.

Draytek 30Mbps both up and down

Teltonika rut 955 20Mbps down 2Mbps up.

Now that’s conclusive.

2 Answers

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by anonymous


Make sure You are using latest FW, latest FW You can download from link below.

Can You please check internet speed (ookla) by following topology:

  [ISP] --utp-> [RUTX11] --utp--> [PC]

And share speed test result?


by anonymous
Still really slow. In same configuration a 3 years old netgear consumer router is about 4 times faster, downloading at 25Mbit.

Really wondering why it really can't go any faster than 6Mbit.

I tested with my pc connected to the router both with cable and wifi, both show around the same speed.
by anonymous
Is there any answer to this? Are the new X series any better/faster than the traditional 9xx 2xx series?

Just in case, is there any new X series router coming out in the form factor of the RUT240 series?

Any news about 5G routers?
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by anonymous

Hello, I am using the RUT955 as well with EE SIMs. I have a some questions about your setup:

  • Your are using the RUT 950 right?
  • How many cell antennas do you have connected to your RUT? If only one, try again with the second antenna connected.
  • Is your RUT connected to a 4G network?
  • Do you use the same APN as with the 4gee box? 
  • Could it bee that the cell tower has a higher load problem at the moment, cause of higher download usage?  (35 MB/s up sounds really good, maybe try the speed test at different times)
  • What is you MTU setting?

Greetings Techie

we are seeing the same issues with the new version RUT240/950. The older type are much quicker. We compare them side by side with the same network sim card. The older models are so much faster. We are waiting to hear from teltonika why this is.